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Go Mobile
Introducing Innovative Securities Mobile for iOS and Android
Manage your Profit Max account in the easiest way possible
Go Mobile
Manage your personal investments
Very Fast two-click transactions
Innovative Securities
Access your Profit Max everywhere
Review your investment portfolio
Amazing features at your fingertips
Simple, effective and easy to use
OTP Tokens
Sign your transactions offline, anytime, anywhere in the world with One Time Password
Investment Portfolio
Review the details and performance of your investment portfolio easily, even offline
PIN Protection
We know how important privacy is so you can protect the app with a separate PIN code
Contract Statements
Check your Investment Contracts and transaction history in a simple but effective interface
Card Statements
Take a closer look at your card: monitor your transaction history and current balance simply
Card Transactions
Save yourself time: load your card anytime, anywhere with our special two-click method
Managing your personal finances has never been easier.

Using your Innovative Securities account has never been easier. You can check your cards and track your transactions in real time. Even when you’re far abroad and offline the most important features of Profit Max will stay at your fingertips. With offline access, you are able see a saved version of your data anywhere. What’s more, we created a way to use transaction signing in offline mode as well.

Elegant and intuitive user interface
Managing your Profit Max account is more eye pleasing than ever
Transaction options

Super easy card transactions became a reality: you can top up your cards with our special two-click method, wherever you are.

Keep your investment protected

Introducing a new level of account security

  • Secure connection
  • Encrypted Application and Database
  • PIN Protection
  • OTP - One Time Password
  • Background Log analyzes
  • Third party injections protection
  • ... and many more state of the art security mechanisms to protect you
It’s time to discover a new way of using Profit Max

Innovative Securities Mobile App is a new, ground-breaking way of managing your Profit Max account. To discover it in live, head over to Google Play or Apple App Store and download it for free!

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  • International +44 33 0010 8388