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Profit Max by
Innovative Securities

Investing with Innovative Securities means you can have a quick and easy access to a range of unique investment strategies. Our Profit Max program offers a range of benefits.


Some people are comfortable taking high risks, others are not. We understand that one investment strategy doesn’t fit all. That's why we offer you an opportunity to choose a strategy that is comfortable for you:
  • - Conservative (low risk) strategy
  • - Moderate (medium) risk strategy
  • - Aggressive (high) risk strategy


With Profit Max you can keep your cash, your savings and your investments in one place, and access it from anywhere anytime. If you are going overseas, you can use your MasterCard for making purchases and taking cash out.


Profit Max allows you to keep track of your investments and charges. With our online monitoring service you can always keep an eye on your finances.


Your money starts working for you from the moment you invest. Innovative Securities is one of the few investment companies that operates with investment strategies that consistently have been able to realize a stable and high profit.
Look at the table below. Notice that a small difference in interest, for example 15% interest compared to 10% can produce a massive difference in long-term result.

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  • Representative in Europe: Capital Square, Tower 3, 6th floor, Vaci ut 76. 1133 Budapest, Hungary
  • International +44 33 0010 8388